The Mendip Inn

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The Brief

Matt has a very busy pub. He also had a specific scenario with Sunday lunches. He needed us to work out why the Sunday service was so problematic with customers waiting a long time for lunch after being seated. He needed to increase satisfaction and decrease waiting time.

Our Approach

After an initial meeting with Matt at the boozer, we decided that a covert visit was a priority Initially we analysed the data supplied by Matt from the EPOS systems pertaining to the Sunday lunches, we then looked at the social media platforms and online customer reviews. From this we gleaned an overview of the current position which enabled us to form the beginnings of the brief put forward to Matt.

We then dined as ‘mystery shoppers’ to further the investigation and to draw our conclusions. We consequently supplied a comprehensive report for Matt, outlining in detail where improvements should be made through layout, food and service.

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Armed with our report, Matt implemented the various areas covered to maximise the potential of business. We are pleased to say that the resulting actions yielded an increase in customer satisfaction, turnover and a more relaxed proprietor.

"The Kitchen Shrink were able to provide an expert angle on my operations, they quickly identified areas that needed improvement and worked with me to improve those areas. I came to them with a specific problem and that problem was resolved. They did a fantastic job and are now working with me on a monthly basis to improve and grow my business."

Matt Lowe


"The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. In cooking you've got to have a what-the-hell attitude." - Julia Child